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But you won’t be the Queen

British laws as old as 729 years will be rewritten for the first time to bar men from becoming the Queen of England. The Telegraph reports that a draft order up for debate this week will update laws as old as 1285 to reflect marriage’s new definition before the Government’s Same-Sex Marriage Act takes effect making marriage rights equal on March 29.  The order will also stipulate that if a future Prince of Wales married a man, he won’t inherit the Princess of Wales title.

Julian Lipson, head of the family law practice, claimed the redrafts are to “avoid uncertainties” in his remarks:

“The route the Government has chosen seems to be to admit that the equalness of same-sex marriage has its limits. They presumably don’t want to end up with the situation of, for example, there being two duchesses or a man with the title of duchess. It seems that they are getting it all tidied up before these changes take effect to avoid uncertainties.”

So if young men were scrapbooking their upward mobility since they saw Prince Harry play polo, they should know up front: there’s no title in getting a prince to fall in love with you. The order limits titles for the aristocracy too. Men who marry Dukes and Earls won’t be Duchess, Lady or Countess. Meanwhile, Countess LuAnn has her title and gets to tweet about having “snow much fun in Aspen,” which makes this sting even more.

Under this mess of an order, several laws will be excluded including the Treason Act of 1351, which means it’s still high treason to have sex with the king’s wife, but not his same-sex spouse. Because as far as 14th century acts go, translating that medieval act into the current gender categories is a job neither Parliament or Mark Zuckerberg could handle. Just in case you thought the queen, or her title was up for grabs.

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